Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to Make Your Own Washi Tape (using Digital Paper)

How to make washi tape digital scrapbook
Make Your Own Washi Tape using your Fave Digital Scrapbook Papers
By: Candace Zentner
I am so in love with washi tape, but I have been recently shopping for tape and I’m getting a touch frustrated. I “need” a roll of tape that goes with every one of my projects, without buying 247 different rolls of washi.  I discovered a way to make my own washi tape from of any pattern I choose, using digital paper!! Jackpot!!
Here is what you need to make some of your own:
Make own washi tape PIC 1
Super simple supplies:
  • Plain white tissue paper (I get mine from the Dollarstore)
  • Two sided tape (whatever width you prefer)
  • One scrap piece of paper
  • Digital paper (I used digital paper from the Summer Sparkles kit on my card shown below)
  • Tape
  • Printer
Let’s get started:
1. Using whichever software works best for you (Silhouette Software, Photoshop, Word, etc.) create rectangles slightly wider than your two sided tape and fill them with the digital paper you choose. NOTE: All the patterns shown in the picture below are from Peppermint Creative.
Make own washi tape PIC 2
2. Cut a piece of tissue paper larger (about ¾” on each side) than scrap paper.
Make own washi tape PIC 3
3. Fold overlapping edges of tissue paper over scrap paper, and tape down.
Make own washi tape PIC 4
4. Make sure all tissue paper is taped down well, all the way around, to ensure the paper doesn’t get caught/jammed in your printer then send paper through printer.
Make own washi tape PIC 5
5. Carefully remove tissue paper from scrap paper
Make own washi tape PIC 6
6. Flip the printed tissue paper over (very important – don’t forget to do this!) and run a strip of two-sided tape along printed pattern strip, smooth front of tissue to avoid wrinkles. Do the same for all the strips of pattern.Make own washi tape PIC 7
7. Using scissors, cut around tape.
Make own washi tape PIC 8
8. To use the washi tape, just peel the second backing off tap and apply to project.
Fourth july card PIC 9
Fourth july card PIC 10
How cool is that? Peppermint Creative has some digital paper that makes amazing washi tape! I can’t wait to play with some of the chevron and polka dot papers. Oh! And the wood patterns… I hope you’re excited about this as I am! 
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