Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hi Everyone!! I'm sorry I haven't been posting very consistently these days!! There has been so much going on around here and my nephews have been here for the last two weeks. I DO have a project post for you tomorrow though!!! And I have lots of things I would like to get done to show you, it's just a matter of finding the time!! I ALSO want to catch up on a lot of your blogs!! 

The next three weeks are going to be crazy for us! They will be filled with birthday parties, stagette's and me making plans for our family holiday in early September!! We are taking the girls to Disney World!!! YAY! It's a dream come true for me!!!! We're actually going there to look into buying a vacation home near Disney! Now THAT is actually a dream come true for me!!!! I LOVE Disney, and the thought of having a home in Florida is super exciting!!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, since nothing is guaranteed.... But we still have a holiday to look forward to! And we leave the day after I get back from a weekend stagette for my best friend! Can you tell I am sooo excited for the rest of the summer? :) Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow!! And hopefully the next day too! Have a great rest of the day!! 


Glora said...

Sweet! A Disney home would TRULY be a DREAM come TRUE!!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer and upcoming Disney trip! Hugs- Glora

janner said...

Wow!!! That really is a dream come true. Aren't you going to miss the long, endless Canadian winters? Our winters in Ontario are long too and getting longer. Have a great time at Disney. We have been there many times when our kids were small.
I will miss your posts.