Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello Blogging World!!! :)

Hello Everyone! (I guess Hello Noone really, since I have ZERO followers so far!) It seems a little strange to be making my first post with no followers but I guess I've got to start somewhere!! :)

First off I'll explain a little about why I decided to start a blog. I LOVE to scrapbook and make cards (as of recently) but I don't really know many people who are as crazy about it as I am. I've been finding I put a lot of effort and time into scrapbooks and cards for people who don't seem to appreciate the workmanship that goes into them. Just before Christmas this year (so December of 2010) I discovered My Pink Stamper and Lauren's Creative videos on YouTube and that opened a big can of blogging worms.... I was sooo excited to find other people who inspired me so much and who shared the same appreciation for paper crafting. I decided to start a blog to connect with more people who love paper as much as I do! :) I am super excited to start posting some projects and although I consider myself a Cricut Rookie I hope I can be a source of inspiration for someone out there!

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